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Once Upon a Time … in the Digital Age

12/03/2019 @ 17:00 - 19:00

Digital natives often seem very familiar with digital but their dexterity does not mean a critical ability or very advanced skills in terms of digital understanding. And understanding digital is also not reduced to technical and operational skills, altough of course these skills are crucial as well.

So, this is this very question of the digital skills needed by young people to become enlightened digital citizens and users that several C2DH researchers, working on and/or teaching digital history at the University of Luxembourg, will adress.

  • What place for technical skills should be given in digital teaching?
  • What other elements of understanding are needed: what role can the history of digital for example play in this learning?
  • What need is there for legal and ethical aspects?
  • How to transmit the taste for digital hermeneutics? And at which age? By what means?

This round table will combine discussions with concrete demonstrations of tools and digital achievements and also hope to open a broad debate with the audience.

Composition of the round table: all members of the C²DH (Centre for Contemporary and Digital History)

Sandra Camarda
Research Associate currently involved in a digital history project developing a virtual exhibition on the Great War in Luxembourg

Frédéric Clavert
Senior Research Scientist working on collective memory of the past in the age of big data, and the relationship between historians and their digital primary sources.

Anita Lucchesi
PhD Candidate in Digital and Public History working on a public history project on migration memories in Luxembourg

Stefania Scagliola
Research Associate developing Ranke.2, a teaching platform that offers lessons on how to critically assess and work with digital historical sources

Valérie Schafer
Professor in Contemporary European History, specialized in history of computing, telecommunications and data networks.

Gerben Zaagsma
Senior Research Scientist and Head of the Research Area Digital History & Historiography, particularly interested in the methodological implications of using new technologies in historical research and writing

François Klein – Research specialist

Registration by mail: until March 8 2019


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